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2019 Gibson SG Chicago Music Exchange exclusive electric guitar!

Has been used in my home studio only nearly in mint condition but i did notice a ding at the bottom **(please see pics)**


I upgraded the pickups to Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates but will include the original T-type pickups that came with the guitar.


The guitar plays amazing, looks amazing and sounds amazing!! Includes all the case candy that shows this is an exclusive guitar and the leather soft case it came in. 

 Please ask me any questions before buying. I love the 61 style pickguard and this has neck binding too!! If you're looking for a great SG let this is the one!




Please ask us any questions before buying


GRADE: Very Good


2019 Gibson CME Exclusive SG Standard Electric Guitar Heritage Cherry

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$1,699.00Sale Price
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  • 7 Day money back guarantee retrun policy! No questions asked! Buyers 7 day window begins on the day the guitar arrives. All return shipping cost must be paid by the buyer returning the item. Must include insurance.

    Please Note: We may require pictures of the item before a return

  • New
    Brand new, shipped from manufacturer directly to us. Please note: Each new guitar we receive is removed from the original packaging, photographed for our website, and then hung on the wall in our store. New guitars will include the original packaging, case candy, and any accessories included by the manufacturer.

    Technically new, because we get these items directly from the manufacturer, but with some sort of minor defect (a single scratch, dent, etc) that occurred during production. Usually B-stock items function perfectly, but have a cosmetic flaws that prevent the manufacturer from selling them to us as “new.”

    Pre-owned, but in museum-grade condition. Literally not a single scratch on it. The only thing that separates “mint” from “new” is the fact that at some point a customer bought it and took it home. Even if the customer bought it and stuck it in a closet without ever taking it out of the case, it’s still technically MINT, not new.

    Near Mint
    Only the smallest amount of wear. Maybe a tiny, barely noticeable “hairline” scratch on the back, or tarnish on the hardware.

    The most common condition grade in our shop. Used gently, very minor wear from normal use. A couple small scratches or dings, but fairly new-looking overall.

    Very Good
    A few more dings or scratches than a guitar in “excellent,” condition, but still very clean.

    A fair amount of dings, scrapes, scratches, and wear. Gig-played, toured with, well-used, almost beat up.

    Really beat up. Big scratches, big dings, gashes in the finish all the way down to the wood, missing non-essential parts, etc.

    Unplayable, in need of restoration, or to be sold as spare parts.

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