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  • Can you guys buy my gear?
    Yes. We are always looking for new gear so we can make you a cash offer or we can even do a consignment agreement! Message us for more details.
  • How often do you get new gear?
    Were always getting new stuff but when it comes in, we clean, test and make sure its ready to go back in to the world! Follow our Instagram for the latest gear, we post all out new items there first! @sonicbendermusic
  • Can I pick up locally?
    Sorry we do not allow any local pickup. We ship all our items within 24-48hrs after purchase. We offer local delivery if you're with in the So Cal Area! Message us for more details.
  • I am a local builder; can we work together?
    We love working with local guitar builders and makers! Message us to setup a zoom call and go over details!

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